Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For my 'online' education, today I am - at the very moment - listening to a Google Hangout titled "Google Semantic Search Community HOA". This is fascinating information if you are in the online business world. Good healthy conversation about your search engine optimization-'ability'. ~~~Mrs. Nancy Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend P.S. Part of the conversation is 'havi
ng a website' or, using 'Google Plus' alone or 'Ebay', as example, to grow your online presence and your Search Engine Rank. I recommend this hangout. Wade Harmon pops in to the conversation... good to see Wade. This hangout is hosted by David Amerland. Now, I will have to rewind so that I can hear what I've missed as I have been typing this post. Have a good day, wherever you are in your day! P.S. Bottom line, as it usually is; is that hard work is the key! P.P.S. There are eight persons in the hangout at present. Good heads put to work on this.

Disease Is Not Real - Video ~~~Nancy