Monday, July 28, 2014

The 'Anti Cancer' Diet and How - I Am Doing My Cancer! ~~~Nancy

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The 'Anti Cancer Diet' | And, How I Am Doing My Cancer

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"After a 20 year battle with cancer, David Servan-Schreiber passed away on July 24, 2011".

Just one second ago, I read those words at the website where I went to find the information I needed to write this post. My intention was to reference Dr. Servan-Schreiber's book, "Anti cancer: A New Way Of Life". At this very second I have a copy of his book to my ffar right, on a small table top; and there is a picture of his book to my left, on an open website page - alongside of his picture. I was truly surprised and saddened to find that he had passed away. Possibly not from cancer - I don't know yet. However, I have the copy of his book, because that book, his 'anti cancer' diet, provided several 'happy and living' years to a woman friend of our family. That diet, I believe is a true gift; provided by David Servan to the world.

My original reason for this post was to say that,

I cannot follow a diet for myself, for cancer.

I can not - for many reasons. However, I can make some changes to the choices in my day to day foods. I've cut out beef, mostly; and cheese. But I can't get rid of sugar, to the degree that is said to be most beneficial. If you wish, I've got a 'sort of' video journal of my cancer incident - I call it an 'episode' or 'situation'. In the paragraph above, the statement used references the word 'battle' with regard to cancer. All of the knowledge I've gained through this past 4 years (my research in to the world of natural health) I've learned that one should not; can not; 'battle' cancer. It is not something to be battled. Dealt with - addressed - definitely; but, if one battles something that is thought of to be so large, so big; and we battle, we must lose. The odds are stacked against us from the start.

What I am doing for my cancer, well I am doing so many things.

In the very beginning I made a video describing the 'very beginnings' of my cancer journey. In this video, I am very frightened; I am still boggled at the word cancer and me, being in the same sentence. So, if you take a look at this video - well, after this video you will so how very far I have come from that day, in May of 2013, to this day July 29, 2014. I've learned a lot, and am sharing what I learn about

cancer. It is not a mystery.

There are many approaches to a good result! I've seen it; and I believe that I am experiencing it.
Sincerely, ~~~Mrs. Nancy Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine