Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To My Employers | I Am Taking The Day Off ~~~Nancy

Taking Two Days Off! ~~~Nancy

Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio USA.
Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able.
Thank you! ~~~Nancy

Hi Everyone. This blog will be designated my daily work; though I do other things. Yesterday I made a decision to take two days off (two seems okay). So, it is Tuesday morning, September 30, 2014 and I'll be off for the rest of the day and - (outside of this blog) tomorrow also. That is, I won't be posting to Google Plus (if you catch me, call me on it) and I won't be working on my YouTube Channel or my website magazines.

It isn't the smartest thing to take a day off from a new job, however and this blog is my newest position. Therefore I am here, coffee cup and rosary in hand to tell you that after this post - I am officially off for the day and beginning my day. Outside of checking my bank balance, I hope not to be on the computer also. I'll post to It's In The Blog" again tomorrow, so I will be back here.

It has become my routine to say one of the (four) decades of the rosary, each day that I am able to. Today is the Sorrowful Mysteries: Agony in the garden; Scourging at the pillar; Crowning with thorns; Carrying of the cross; Crucifixion. The others are, the Luminous, the Joyful and the Glorious.

Why pray the daily Rosary?

Check this out:

*Pope Adrian VI said, "The rosary is the scourge of the devil."

Pope Paul V "The rosary is a treasure of graces."

St. Padre Pio, the stigmatic priest, said:

"The rosary is the weapon."

The last is my favorite and one that I find has been very true in my life. Most true. Prayer is one powerful weapon; but I can see how the rosary is the real weapon, it changes your day if you say one; you will have a different day. You will have a peace-filled day. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't have experienced it for myself. Never.

The past two or three days I have found a new tool in working with the cancer that I have got. For me, it is never best to say that one is 'fighting' something that so many seem to 'battle' and lose. So, I work with my cancer. And, I believe that - with the tools I've got and, the 'weapon' I have put into place, (letting God do the 'fighting'), I've gotten a change in health status. The past three day, I believe - I've been turning my cancer over to God - one day at a time. And this is the third day. My pH is the best it has been - 6.8 this morning. This prayer thing never fails, when I remember to use it.

Prayer has gone 'out of fashion' I know. At least it looks that way from the outside. Our world sure looks as if it hasn't got a prayer, I'd say it, "hasn't gotten a prayer", not from enough people. When groups gather for the rosary, some of the intentions that are prayed for are; 'our world', 'our country' and 'our homes'. So, our world is getting some prayers. If a few more people jumped on this bandwagon, it sure might make a difference. I'd like the help if you'd like to join in. Doesn't have to be a rosary. Just a cry out to a power greater than one's-self. Your own conception of God, if you will. In case one wouldn't choose to believe in God. And it doesn't have to be my God.

Prayer has been working continuously working in my life for the past 25 years and seven months. I know the very date that I began some very simple prayers; February 22, 1989. That was the first day that I got on my knees to ask a Power Greater Than Myself, for some help. I used the word God. Kept it simple. Got what I needed for the day; and got on my knees at night by my bed and said, "Thank you". And went to sleep. That was the first day in years that I did not drink alcohol, and I've been doing that ever since.

This video below, is my story of addiction: addiction is like, 'the story of my life', if I like it - I want more of it. By the way, my hair is cut - very short in this video; so, excuse that. I'm a cosmetologist and I usually cut my own hair (did my bangs too short). Bangs are not my strong suit. ~~~Nancy

What I got from that one, very simple prayer (each day for twenty-five years), was that I've been sober; one day at a time, from alcohol and any mind-altering drugs. One day at a time. I had drank, every day (toward the end, the last years) I drank every day, for something like 15 years. From when I was 18 years old, right out of high school, weekends, ... Wednesdays ... and soon, most days... to the age of 32 years, just two weeks short of 32 years old. You can do the math. If this isn't a miracle working in my life, I don't know what is. You see, I couldn't stop, on my own. No matter how I tried. And believe me; I am persistent, I tried. For a long time; and, it only got worse and worse. So, prayer is what works for me; and I'll keep it up. And, I'm choosing to expand on it. Using it for being cancer-free, one day at a time. Listing for direction of the tools to use, to be cancer free; but only for a day at a time. It's in it's third day (of prayer for cancer help) and like I said; my pH is better than it has been in a long time. I ate a sweet last evening (pumpkin bread at a Starbucks) but for the two days before that, I was able to say no to doughnuts. That is a change for me. I don't have the ability to say no to sweets without the 'aid of' my Higher Power (H.P.). I'm a food addict too. And sweets, well, they are my thing. With a H.P. I can do sweets at a minimum. But, for cancer - I'm choosing to lean a bit more into my H.P. for help. Into God.

So, goodbye for now; I will be back at this blog (my only work tomorrow.) And then hopefully, off for the rest of tomorrow for my two day vacation. Chow! ~~~Nancy

* Why Pray The Daily Rosary?" p.41 taken from: "The Original PIETA PRAYER BOOK". Estab. Aug 15, 1972, P.O. Box 111, Hickory Corners MI 49060-0111 sss.mlof.com

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cancer | My Weapons | MMS2, MMS1 And More, AND - God! ~~~Nancy

Master Mineral Solution Two! MMS2 Capsules, What Are They? ~~~Nancy

General Index | Cancer Topics | Conditions Topics | ~~~Nancy's Videos!

Miracle Mineral Solution 2 | Master Mineral Solution 2

It is my opinion that the medical world would never admit that prayer could cure a disease; one day at a time. But, if it is doing it for one 'medically accepted' disease; why not another? I don't believe that God has any boundaries, or exemptions. In the bible, it never states 'ask Me for ... but, never for that.' God always says, 'Anything you ask for in My name I will give you'. He told us to 'heal', as His disciples. Hey, I'm using prayer for my cancer; and the tools that God put on earth...." ... finish this below ...

Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio. Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able.
Thank you! ~~~Nancy

Just below is one of my videos describing how to make MMS2 capsules. I've got some updates to give you; very soon I will make a new video. The type of capsule that you use to make these is most important. It makes them quite easier to take, if you buy capsules that are a well made, quality product they go down much better. I've discovered this first hand. ~~~Nancy P.S. This video and this blog are not intended as medical advice! I use MMS1 and MMS2: but I do not recommend it's use to you!

Lately I have been taking MMS2 quite regularly, probably at least 2 per day; I believe soon I'll increase to 3 per day. I have melanoma skin cancer and am using MMS1 and MMS2 to stay on top of the game.

Something I've realized just yesterday with the help of a friend. I've added prayer to my skin cancer protocol. I have found so much help from prayer in my life; especially in the past 25 years I've had specific help, for an addiction that I've 'been relieved of' one day at a time. So, I finally realized, hey - why not? Alcoholism is an incurable disease; classified as a disease by the American Medical Association. They - the medical community finally threw their hands up in the air and said that alcoholics are not treatable; they have no help for us, we are a drain on their time and cause nothing but heartache, watching us destroy our lives. But! It seems a certain 12 step program has quite a very good success rate.

Success rate with an incurable disease

, hmmm. Possibly something to consider. If a person can use twelve steps and a higher power on one incurable disease; than why not on another? Except that the AMA has not 'thrown up their hands' with cancer -


. Will they ever admit defeat? After how many die of their 'treatment'? Well, I can admit they are cancer-cure 'drop-outs', and that they have been defeated in the cancer arena; and I can choose my own weapon(s). So, my choice: asking a Higher Power, for help to stay healthy; one day at a time. Ask in the morning, just like I do for drinking alcohol; and then, thank Him at night. (My Higher Power is God). So, if I have an unexpected successful 'cure' one day at a time for one incurable disease; maybe I'm on to something. We shall see! ~~~Nancy P.S. I have a very powerful Higher Power! And I always say, "don't put limits on your Higher Power". You see, it is called a Higher Power; so that - anyone can choose their own conception of 'God'. Mine is Jesus. Yours can be whatever you like.

It is my opinion that the medical world would never admit that prayer could cure a disease; one day at a time. But, if it is doing it for one 'medically accepted' disease; why not another? I don't believe that God has any boundaries, or exemptions. In the Bible, it never states 'ask Me for ... but, never for that.' God always says, 'Anything you ask for in My name I will give you'. He told us to 'heal', as His disciples. Hey, I'm using prayer for my cancer; and the tools that God put on earth. MMS 2 capsules are filled with a product that comes from God's green earth; calcium hypochlorite. And, everything that My Creator made for my body: He put on this earth for me! I believe that God likes to be asked for help: so, that is exactly what I have begun to do. One day at a time, I am asking God (my Higher Power) to help me to stay healthy for, Today! And - at night, I will thank Him. Sometimes, and I believe it is quite often: the most simplest things are things that really work. So, people tend, not to believe them. Why? Because they are too simple.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

5 Words That Define You | Name Them! A Challenge ~~~Nancy

Name 5 Words That Define Or Describe You?

Will you take the challenge? I will give you one week. ~~~Nancy

Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio. Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able.

Thank you! ~~~Nancy

If you were asked to name five (5) words that define or describe you - what would they be? Yesterday I heard a radio program in which the speaker proposed this question to the audience. Right off, I named five words which I believed described me. It seemed simple enough, however within a half an hour I was thinking more deeply. If we are not thinking about something very much, how in tune would we be with it? I'd realized there was much more about me than first came to mind.

"The Greek philosopher Socrates had a strong sense of the value of a virtuous life. In his old age, he was tried and judged worthy of death for his deeply held convictions, and for expressing them publicly. Socrates accepted the judgment of the court and willingly drank the cup of deadly hemlock. He believed himself to be a good man, and that a good man would have a good eternal destiny. As the story goes, he received the judgment of those who condemned him, and entrusted himself into the hands of the Almighty. " Please read more of this at: http://twelvetribes.com/articles/unexamined-life-not-worth-living .

nancy koncilja gurish, editor/></a>

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"The way I have grown has been through adversity; and through prayer to escape the adversity." Please see my video on this subject of ... the courage to examine yourself - through finding 5 words.

In one week from now: I will get back to you by video, and in this blog to see what you have come up with. This should be an eye opening and enlightening practice. I'm looking forward to seeing what type of words we come up. ~~~Nancy

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Blog Is Like A Friend... ~~~Nancy

Hi. I'm looking forward these days to coming to my blog. It has become like a friend.

Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio. Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able.

Thank you! ~~~Nancy

This is my first active blog, and I'm finding that I look forward to coming and posting. It is, I suppose - it feels the same to me as it had when I would write in a journal.
You are alone in your mind and the pen is to the page
- or fingers are at the keys, and yet, unlike a journal the words are going off into the world. Wow! In my childhood, I remember journaling (writing in my diary) and never in a million years would I have ever thought that my words would reach the world. And today, they are. At least they are accessible to the world.


The other day in my post I mentioned getting to work, before my prayers. The morning time is when thoughts come to me; literally flood into my mind, idea after idea of topics for videos (my YouTube channel) or things to write a web page about. And the words just flow, and in my mind I can speak an entire dissertation. And then, I say my short prayers and after that, my newly adapted longer prayer, my Rosary and, after that, I have not got an idea about anything. My mind is calm and my being is at peace. I've got a cousin who has said to me
"If you want a different day pray a Rosary in the morning."
And, that is the truth. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it for myself. He put into words what I had been experiencing. My cousin grew up with the Rosary. I was shown that example myself also. That is why the Rosary was able to come back into my life - I had left it behind years ago. One of my grandmothers taught the Rosary to me when I was very young.

What I am tossing over in my mind today is; do I let go of all of the great ideas in my head, in the morning; and stick to my morning Rosary - letting go of that opportunity for loads of topics: or do I stick to my routine, and let the ideas go.

My struggle isn't too great with this because I am living the benefits of the prayers. My life has been really good with the addition of this Rosary. I have been so very much more peace-filled; in the face of what has been much turmoil in my world. How can any 'sane' person wish to lose that peace? And I am becoming among 'the sane', because of the Rosary. So, I'll keep the Rosary for at least another day. I do most things, a day at a time. ~~~Nancy

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oh, A Relaxing pH Bath In Our Jet Tub! ~~~Nancy

Oh, I feel good. Relaxed and ... calm. If it weren't for having skin cancer, I'd not be enjoying my wonderful jet tub. In the past six years that we've owned it, I've taken about five baths! Today is a special occassion; I've got cancer and am taking pH baths! Wow! But I'll take it. I feel good.

General Index | Cancer Topics | Conditions Topics | ~~~Nancy's Videos!

Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio.
Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able.
Thank you! ~~~Nancy

Just below is a video to introduce myself to you. My name is ~~~Nancy Gurish

So this is part of the plan: pH baths. Yep, I believe in them and I'm on my third day. The pH bath that I heard about was one where you use both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in a very hot bath, as hot as you can possibly take. The idea of a pH bath is, of course to raise the pH level of your body. This process would increase the alkalinity of your body, which will enable your own body's immune system to be in it's top shape. (This is not a recommendation - I am not in medicine; and do not recommend this). This is the system that I am using to work with, for my body's skin cancer state.

It sure is a sorry state of affairs when it takes skin cancer to slow a person down. Stress will raise cancer up, in the first place, let alone - cause it to increase and spread. Stress lowers the body's pH in to an acidic area. I'd heard of this about five years ago and did not take it seriously. I could not see how a state of mind, could affect a state of body. I didn't really believe that one. But, on the other hand, I knew that stress would and did bring fever blisters (cold sores) to my lips; so... cold sores, being the herpes virus, well... it is my opinion that cancer is a viral origin. I have happened to be studying cancer for going on three years, prior to developing melanoma skin cancer. I've been learning and now, putting into practice the things that I've studied. And pH is one of them.

In watching many YouTube videos - I have a YouTube Channel and I talk about the body's pH. I've seen other videos which present persons who say that the body pH is not what it has been made out to be. I've watched these videos and gave them thought. Thought as to what motive a person(s) might have for downplaying the importance of the body's pH. One video, which describes pH in a complicated and negative way. They use chemical terms and convolute the subject to death. The video channel is one from a man who sells his own herbal blends for health and healing. Quite a while back I had seen that people who talk 'herbal' do not like to play well; with people who like alchemy (like myself): we who use things such as colloidal silver, which will help quite a bit at keeping a person's pH at a good place. So, I saw the motive in this person's video; and I was ... I couldn't believe that: I never find it easy to understand how a person can play with people's lives, for money's sake. This is quite the motive behind much of the medical system, in my opinion: but it just took me by surprise. Again. Greed never ceases to amaze me; greedy people never cease to amaze me.

For tonight, I am relaxed and happy. And feel very content right now. So, goodnight for now. I'm up late again but I am trying to lighten up on myself lately. Letting go of things that will place more stress for me. Stress was what brought this skin cancer to a head in the first place. In May of 2013 there were many stressful events taking place in my neck of the woods. In my ballpark. And my body didn't process it well. Enough from me. I don't recommend it but I will tell you, a nice hot pH bath is quite a very nice thing! I even ran the jets in the tub! All I needed was a candle or two, maybe a nice ... some sort of pastry. Hmm. Maybe tomorrow. ~~~Nancy

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Right Morning Routine? Work And Pray - Pray And Work? ~~~Nancy

Changed My Routine! Learned More Social Media Marketing!

Recently I have been talking about my work, my hours... etc. This morning I changed my routine but I'm not certain it is a good thing or not.

First off this morning I did say my 'important prayers' - the prayers that I say every morning without fail: and then normally, I get into my 'heavier prayers' - I say a Rosary to the Blessed Mother Mary which is great 'meditatively' and spiritually. But, this morning I decided to get to work first, and ... well, I don't know if this has been good for me or not.

My work is on the internet, My work is editing three web magazines, and 'working on' a YouTube Channel! Therefore, I am very interested in social media marketing. Jason Wiser is a "Digital Business Strategy Consultant" ... and CEO of Wiser Sites, (a generalist marketing company which helps you to organize your digital assets). I've been listening to his video series titled "On Track Tips": he is interviewing experts in each of the major social media tools, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and this most recent - Pinterest. This morning I listened to his interview with Cynthia Sanchez who will teach you "How to incorporate Pinterest into your social media strategy: she has articles and a weekly podcast, which you can find at her blog: Oh So Pinteresting! He does a great job getting the best help from them! They discussed Pinterest, the general workings of the system; and got into great detail of using it to it's greatest advantage. I have been learning a lot! But, my question to myself is, am I doing things in the right order in my day? I don't know.

This dilemma I have today I believe will fall under the heading of "time will tell". I've got a bathtub filled full of extremely hot water, with a product in it which is for alkalizing my body. I'm using this method to get rid of an illness that I've got! I used all hot water in order that, with time - it would cool down. The trouble being, I believe it may be too cool at this time. But, that is fixable - just add hot water, huh? But this is an important thing that I'm doing; so, my question goes back to, 'am I doing things in right order today' - this day? I don't know.

I will keep you informed. Bye for now. Next will be that bath, and then my rosary!. After the rosary I believe I will know more. Prayer works, by the way! Bye for now, ~~~Nancy

I Don't Understand Blogger | And I Love Working On The Internet! ~~~Nancy

I don't understand Blogger

nancy koncilja gurish

When I 'google' Your Heath And Tech Friend, to find my blog - it says that I only have (1) blog. But, I have two: two come up. One URL is listed under another of my domain names, Your Health And Water Friend, (it is titled, Your Health And Tech Friend) but the url, in Blogger is www.yourhealthandwaterfriend.blogspot.com. The blog that I wish to update, but cannot access is: yourhealthandtechfriend.blogspot.com (something like that) but it does not give me the ability to add a new 'post'. So, I will keep adding to this blog until I figure out the other.
About four days ago, I started another blog in Blogger and titled it: www.yourhealthandtechfriendherpes.blogger.com because I have concurred my 'herpes' which is the oral kind; a cold sore. I wanted to link other's examples and their experiences with herpes, cold sores, etc. But very soon I realized that I would not have anything to share on this - from my own experience, just the major fact that I don't get a cold sore anymore! But, that can only be said 'once'. And my solution can only be stated 'once'. So, I had to 'extinguish' the blog. It was my editorial decision. My position on the internet is that as Editor of three magazines and a YouTube Channel. It is a wonderful position; and a terrific career opportunity.

Today, if you can write, there is a major opportunity - it is called the internet. The internet is huge, and it is growing larger by the day, the hour and really - the minute. You (as in, we) do not know what the next move will be on the internet. A guy named Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea and the way, in which to communicate with his friends on his computer, and it became Facebook. Whoever it is, came up with Twitter - then Instagram (Pinterest is a Google Product) so, I don't include them in the 'invention' realm; but, Pinterest is another example of the growth of the internet. And when it grows, there is opportunity. Opportunity to grow your present business (whatever it is) on the internet; and / or opportunity to find your business - whatever it is, on the internet.

In my walk on the internet, I've met some really good people. Many of them through my YouTube Channel. There are the people who view the videos, and then comment; I get to know them through the comments. And then there are fellow YouTuber's as we are called. The fellow YouTuber's range from the Creators' of videos - for entertainment; to the people who use YouTube for generating their business and growing their businesses. Some of those people are in marketing; which is for Search Engine Optimization, which everyone needs to know about, if they own a website, blog or YouTube channel, and wish to grow it. I consider those people my co-workers, within the online world.

My video below explains some of my thoughts of the Website Industry. "Introduction to website building technology. Advice and sources for all areas of building a website. Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine publisher Nancy Koncilja Gurish describes the magazine articles which contain information for all areas of building, developing and publishing a website." This video was published some time ago, my understanding of the industry has grown, I'll have to re-listen to this video; and soon - publish an update! I love my work. That is something else! ~~~Nancy Gurish

Enough for this entry - what to title this? Probably, my thoughts first thing in the morning. You don't want to be in my head; in the morning. It is a dangerous place to be.

Have a great day, wherever you are in your day! ~~~Nancy

lamp post wrought iron black

P.S. Thank you to Tim Berners-Lee! And Mr. Jon Postel! Thank you! ~~~Nancy

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Webmaster | Creating New 'Working Hours' ~~~Nancy Gurish

Good Morning my friends!
It is approximately 4:15 a.m. Green tea (Taso - very good tea) kept me semi- awake throughout the night. Have trouble sleeping now and then - a lot of times more, now than then. As a web master (I feel I may qualify for the title at this time) I am seeing that we are the pioneers of this business. With that said, we each are learning to navigate our place in the internet; and navigate our lives, personal lives; depending on our individual circumstances, in order to accommodate the varied work load that is 'life and working on the internet'. This workload I am speaking of is; our business, search engine optimisation, marketing; learning and growing in the industry. At least for me, these are some of the responsibilities that I am finding myself entrenched in.

This opens up the reason for my writing today. I am having difficulty finding my place with 'office hours' for many reasons. They are common reasons, yet unique to me. Wife, mother, new in the industry. Daughter to elderly parents; sibling to a handful. And, I am involved in an industry that is not yet known as mainstream; even though I have many 'fellow workers' who are in the mainstream of this industry. But in practical life environments, business on the internet for a private individual is not yet mainstream.

What is also unique to me is that I am in my, possibly third career in life. And have never been in business for myself. The trust level is not there, among my family members as my past endeavours - working for others (without benefit of a degree) has not earned enough money to support myself fully. As a wife and mother; I have not earned enough to 'qualify working full time', as in - put the kids in daycare; and be a full income-producing partner in a marriage. So, there has always been an 'on the edge' feeling and aspect to our financial lives as a family. So, all of this so far equals what?

What I see is that mainstream hours, 9-5 or 7-3 working hours cannot cut it for me. My child still needs me: we home school and I am the main parent in that department. And my husband is a hard working man; in a position where he could really use a wife; in some of the traditional roles; cleaning, cooking (a very small amount of the time, quite small in that); but, at the least, I am the take-out, pick up person in the house. Purchasing the food. Laundry. Cleaning is at a minimum because of the heavy work load of internet business. So, where is there time for my office hours.

What has been sustaining and has built my business so far, has been squirrelling away time; running around with my laptop from place to place. Carrying the laptop, etc. in what is now, a worn-out cart on wheels. The thing is a very sad looking luggage-type cart from the dollar store. Previously I lugged everything in an over the shoulder bag that looked like a jean style laptop shoulder bag. Oh, that hurt.

In the last maybe 5 or 6 hours I got in enough sleep to be up and typing here. So, I believe that I see that there may be a need to innovate in this area - 'we' seem to be innovators of everything from desks to comfortable work chairs, etc. Now, I see that I must re-invent a work shift. Working hours which may give me real time to work. Just the past half hour has felt very good; it is early morning; so, it feels better than the very late night hours that I used to keep. And it feels better than just grabbing an hour or two during the day, while I double-duty other responsibilities. I am, these past few weeks, feeling like an actual employee of a business; and it is my business. The first in my life. It is feeling real. So. I believe that I am ready to invent a new wheel. Not reinvent a wheel, but create a new one. A new work shift of hours. One that fits a mom, wife... semi-time home maker. (I'm still in hopes of earning enough to actually hire some help for this house of ours).

For the next half hour, I will drink another cup of coffee (my second) and have a glass of water with epsom salt in it: this is a trick of 'my trade' - it regulates my heart; and gives me one mineral; which is a requisite for health - for anyone interested. And then I will sit and rough out a work schedule that may work. I already know that someone or thing will need to shift to a further back burner; I believe it will be the evening hours with the family. In the back of my mind I believe off hand that I'll be sleeping during the dinner hour.

One reason for sharing this is; it is going to take an acceptance of allowing something so radical to take place for me and my family. Our family has taken a lot of hits with my business; and - being a good family, loving and prayerful, we have been able to withstand it. I've got a good husband and child. So, we will do it. Of course, I'll confer with them; I'm learning to work with others better. It used to be that I'd just state 'I've gotta do this, or I've gotta work more'! Now, I'm getting strategic. Strategies seem to be something that is called for in our business. And, I am feeling up to the task.

It is a good life, if you don't weaken.

God Bless you all along your journey. Maybe sharing a bit of my discoveries will help someone. ~~~Nancy
Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Things We Have In Common ~~~Nancy Gurish

Hello there.
This morning I got stuck in the bathroom, with no toilet paper; and it occurred to me.

We all, at times - get stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper!

We all put our pants on - one leg at a time.

We all need to end our day, at one point or another - and rest.

We all need to eat!

We all may fear the future; we all may fear failure at one time or another...

Side note: What brought me to this positive attitude: This morning I first watched: this video: ... which may not be of interest to anyone not in business online; ... this video brought me to this web page..... and from there I found this video

"We Can Do Anything Together Infusion Principle"
'Gratitude' was the name of a particular team. Watching this video: as an online business-person; this video gave me barrels-full of inspiration - and gratitude! Great video for anyone who is in business for themselves; online or out in the brick - n - mortar world!

with the most amazing set of people: at 'Infusion Principles dot com' And, that, my friends, is what had brought me to a large feeling of gratitude! Thank you!

Looking for what we have in common may be far better than seeing only the things that separate us.

I don't like getting stuck in the bathroom with no t.p. That is something I've tried to have - not happen!

It happens - sometime or another - it does happen...

~~~Mrs. Nancy Gurish
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