Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Blog Is Like A Friend... ~~~Nancy

Hi. I'm looking forward these days to coming to my blog. It has become like a friend.

Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio. Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able.

Thank you! ~~~Nancy

This is my first active blog, and I'm finding that I look forward to coming and posting. It is, I suppose - it feels the same to me as it had when I would write in a journal.
You are alone in your mind and the pen is to the page
- or fingers are at the keys, and yet, unlike a journal the words are going off into the world. Wow! In my childhood, I remember journaling (writing in my diary) and never in a million years would I have ever thought that my words would reach the world. And today, they are. At least they are accessible to the world.


The other day in my post I mentioned getting to work, before my prayers. The morning time is when thoughts come to me; literally flood into my mind, idea after idea of topics for videos (my YouTube channel) or things to write a web page about. And the words just flow, and in my mind I can speak an entire dissertation. And then, I say my short prayers and after that, my newly adapted longer prayer, my Rosary and, after that, I have not got an idea about anything. My mind is calm and my being is at peace. I've got a cousin who has said to me
"If you want a different day pray a Rosary in the morning."
And, that is the truth. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it for myself. He put into words what I had been experiencing. My cousin grew up with the Rosary. I was shown that example myself also. That is why the Rosary was able to come back into my life - I had left it behind years ago. One of my grandmothers taught the Rosary to me when I was very young.

What I am tossing over in my mind today is; do I let go of all of the great ideas in my head, in the morning; and stick to my morning Rosary - letting go of that opportunity for loads of topics: or do I stick to my routine, and let the ideas go.

My struggle isn't too great with this because I am living the benefits of the prayers. My life has been really good with the addition of this Rosary. I have been so very much more peace-filled; in the face of what has been much turmoil in my world. How can any 'sane' person wish to lose that peace? And I am becoming among 'the sane', because of the Rosary. So, I'll keep the Rosary for at least another day. I do most things, a day at a time. ~~~Nancy

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