Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Don't Understand Blogger | And I Love Working On The Internet! ~~~Nancy

I don't understand Blogger

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When I 'google' Your Heath And Tech Friend, to find my blog - it says that I only have (1) blog. But, I have two: two come up. One URL is listed under another of my domain names, Your Health And Water Friend, (it is titled, Your Health And Tech Friend) but the url, in Blogger is www.yourhealthandwaterfriend.blogspot.com. The blog that I wish to update, but cannot access is: yourhealthandtechfriend.blogspot.com (something like that) but it does not give me the ability to add a new 'post'. So, I will keep adding to this blog until I figure out the other.
About four days ago, I started another blog in Blogger and titled it: www.yourhealthandtechfriendherpes.blogger.com because I have concurred my 'herpes' which is the oral kind; a cold sore. I wanted to link other's examples and their experiences with herpes, cold sores, etc. But very soon I realized that I would not have anything to share on this - from my own experience, just the major fact that I don't get a cold sore anymore! But, that can only be said 'once'. And my solution can only be stated 'once'. So, I had to 'extinguish' the blog. It was my editorial decision. My position on the internet is that as Editor of three magazines and a YouTube Channel. It is a wonderful position; and a terrific career opportunity.

Today, if you can write, there is a major opportunity - it is called the internet. The internet is huge, and it is growing larger by the day, the hour and really - the minute. You (as in, we) do not know what the next move will be on the internet. A guy named Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea and the way, in which to communicate with his friends on his computer, and it became Facebook. Whoever it is, came up with Twitter - then Instagram (Pinterest is a Google Product) so, I don't include them in the 'invention' realm; but, Pinterest is another example of the growth of the internet. And when it grows, there is opportunity. Opportunity to grow your present business (whatever it is) on the internet; and / or opportunity to find your business - whatever it is, on the internet.

In my walk on the internet, I've met some really good people. Many of them through my YouTube Channel. There are the people who view the videos, and then comment; I get to know them through the comments. And then there are fellow YouTuber's as we are called. The fellow YouTuber's range from the Creators' of videos - for entertainment; to the people who use YouTube for generating their business and growing their businesses. Some of those people are in marketing; which is for Search Engine Optimization, which everyone needs to know about, if they own a website, blog or YouTube channel, and wish to grow it. I consider those people my co-workers, within the online world.

My video below explains some of my thoughts of the Website Industry. "Introduction to website building technology. Advice and sources for all areas of building a website. Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine publisher Nancy Koncilja Gurish describes the magazine articles which contain information for all areas of building, developing and publishing a website." This video was published some time ago, my understanding of the industry has grown, I'll have to re-listen to this video; and soon - publish an update! I love my work. That is something else! ~~~Nancy Gurish

Enough for this entry - what to title this? Probably, my thoughts first thing in the morning. You don't want to be in my head; in the morning. It is a dangerous place to be.

Have a great day, wherever you are in your day! ~~~Nancy

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P.S. Thank you to Tim Berners-Lee! And Mr. Jon Postel! Thank you! ~~~Nancy