Saturday, September 27, 2014

5 Words That Define You | Name Them! A Challenge ~~~Nancy

Name 5 Words That Define Or Describe You?

Will you take the challenge? I will give you one week. ~~~Nancy

Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio. Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able.

Thank you! ~~~Nancy

If you were asked to name five (5) words that define or describe you - what would they be? Yesterday I heard a radio program in which the speaker proposed this question to the audience. Right off, I named five words which I believed described me. It seemed simple enough, however within a half an hour I was thinking more deeply. If we are not thinking about something very much, how in tune would we be with it? I'd realized there was much more about me than first came to mind.

"The Greek philosopher Socrates had a strong sense of the value of a virtuous life. In his old age, he was tried and judged worthy of death for his deeply held convictions, and for expressing them publicly. Socrates accepted the judgment of the court and willingly drank the cup of deadly hemlock. He believed himself to be a good man, and that a good man would have a good eternal destiny. As the story goes, he received the judgment of those who condemned him, and entrusted himself into the hands of the Almighty. " Please read more of this at: .

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"The way I have grown has been through adversity; and through prayer to escape the adversity." Please see my video on this subject of ... the courage to examine yourself - through finding 5 words.

In one week from now: I will get back to you by video, and in this blog to see what you have come up with. This should be an eye opening and enlightening practice. I'm looking forward to seeing what type of words we come up. ~~~Nancy

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