Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oh, A Relaxing pH Bath In Our Jet Tub! ~~~Nancy

Oh, I feel good. Relaxed and ... calm. If it weren't for having skin cancer, I'd not be enjoying my wonderful jet tub. In the past six years that we've owned it, I've taken about five baths! Today is a special occassion; I've got cancer and am taking pH baths! Wow! But I'll take it. I feel good.

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Just below is a video to introduce myself to you. My name is ~~~Nancy Gurish

So this is part of the plan: pH baths. Yep, I believe in them and I'm on my third day. The pH bath that I heard about was one where you use both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in a very hot bath, as hot as you can possibly take. The idea of a pH bath is, of course to raise the pH level of your body. This process would increase the alkalinity of your body, which will enable your own body's immune system to be in it's top shape. (This is not a recommendation - I am not in medicine; and do not recommend this). This is the system that I am using to work with, for my body's skin cancer state.

It sure is a sorry state of affairs when it takes skin cancer to slow a person down. Stress will raise cancer up, in the first place, let alone - cause it to increase and spread. Stress lowers the body's pH in to an acidic area. I'd heard of this about five years ago and did not take it seriously. I could not see how a state of mind, could affect a state of body. I didn't really believe that one. But, on the other hand, I knew that stress would and did bring fever blisters (cold sores) to my lips; so... cold sores, being the herpes virus, well... it is my opinion that cancer is a viral origin. I have happened to be studying cancer for going on three years, prior to developing melanoma skin cancer. I've been learning and now, putting into practice the things that I've studied. And pH is one of them.

In watching many YouTube videos - I have a YouTube Channel and I talk about the body's pH. I've seen other videos which present persons who say that the body pH is not what it has been made out to be. I've watched these videos and gave them thought. Thought as to what motive a person(s) might have for downplaying the importance of the body's pH. One video, which describes pH in a complicated and negative way. They use chemical terms and convolute the subject to death. The video channel is one from a man who sells his own herbal blends for health and healing. Quite a while back I had seen that people who talk 'herbal' do not like to play well; with people who like alchemy (like myself): we who use things such as colloidal silver, which will help quite a bit at keeping a person's pH at a good place. So, I saw the motive in this person's video; and I was ... I couldn't believe that: I never find it easy to understand how a person can play with people's lives, for money's sake. This is quite the motive behind much of the medical system, in my opinion: but it just took me by surprise. Again. Greed never ceases to amaze me; greedy people never cease to amaze me.

For tonight, I am relaxed and happy. And feel very content right now. So, goodnight for now. I'm up late again but I am trying to lighten up on myself lately. Letting go of things that will place more stress for me. Stress was what brought this skin cancer to a head in the first place. In May of 2013 there were many stressful events taking place in my neck of the woods. In my ballpark. And my body didn't process it well. Enough from me. I don't recommend it but I will tell you, a nice hot pH bath is quite a very nice thing! I even ran the jets in the tub! All I needed was a candle or two, maybe a nice ... some sort of pastry. Hmm. Maybe tomorrow. ~~~Nancy

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