Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Right Morning Routine? Work And Pray - Pray And Work? ~~~Nancy

Changed My Routine! Learned More Social Media Marketing!

Recently I have been talking about my work, my hours... etc. This morning I changed my routine but I'm not certain it is a good thing or not.

First off this morning I did say my 'important prayers' - the prayers that I say every morning without fail: and then normally, I get into my 'heavier prayers' - I say a Rosary to the Blessed Mother Mary which is great 'meditatively' and spiritually. But, this morning I decided to get to work first, and ... well, I don't know if this has been good for me or not.

My work is on the internet, My work is editing three web magazines, and 'working on' a YouTube Channel! Therefore, I am very interested in social media marketing. Jason Wiser is a "Digital Business Strategy Consultant" ... and CEO of Wiser Sites, (a generalist marketing company which helps you to organize your digital assets). I've been listening to his video series titled "On Track Tips": he is interviewing experts in each of the major social media tools, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and this most recent - Pinterest. This morning I listened to his interview with Cynthia Sanchez who will teach you "How to incorporate Pinterest into your social media strategy: she has articles and a weekly podcast, which you can find at her blog: Oh So Pinteresting! He does a great job getting the best help from them! They discussed Pinterest, the general workings of the system; and got into great detail of using it to it's greatest advantage. I have been learning a lot! But, my question to myself is, am I doing things in the right order in my day? I don't know.

This dilemma I have today I believe will fall under the heading of "time will tell". I've got a bathtub filled full of extremely hot water, with a product in it which is for alkalizing my body. I'm using this method to get rid of an illness that I've got! I used all hot water in order that, with time - it would cool down. The trouble being, I believe it may be too cool at this time. But, that is fixable - just add hot water, huh? But this is an important thing that I'm doing; so, my question goes back to, 'am I doing things in right order today' - this day? I don't know.

I will keep you informed. Bye for now. Next will be that bath, and then my rosary!. After the rosary I believe I will know more. Prayer works, by the way! Bye for now, ~~~Nancy