Sunday, September 7, 2014

Things We Have In Common ~~~Nancy Gurish

Hello there.
This morning I got stuck in the bathroom, with no toilet paper; and it occurred to me.

We all, at times - get stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper!

We all put our pants on - one leg at a time.

We all need to end our day, at one point or another - and rest.

We all need to eat!

We all may fear the future; we all may fear failure at one time or another...

Side note: What brought me to this positive attitude: This morning I first watched: this video: ... which may not be of interest to anyone not in business online; ... this video brought me to this web page..... and from there I found this video

"We Can Do Anything Together Infusion Principle"
'Gratitude' was the name of a particular team. Watching this video: as an online business-person; this video gave me barrels-full of inspiration - and gratitude! Great video for anyone who is in business for themselves; online or out in the brick - n - mortar world!

with the most amazing set of people: at 'Infusion Principles dot com' And, that, my friends, is what had brought me to a large feeling of gratitude! Thank you!

Looking for what we have in common may be far better than seeing only the things that separate us.

I don't like getting stuck in the bathroom with no t.p. That is something I've tried to have - not happen!

It happens - sometime or another - it does happen...

~~~Mrs. Nancy Gurish
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