Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To My Employers | I Am Taking The Day Off ~~~Nancy

Taking Two Days Off! ~~~Nancy

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Thank you! ~~~Nancy

Hi Everyone. This blog will be designated my daily work; though I do other things. Yesterday I made a decision to take two days off (two seems okay). So, it is Tuesday morning, September 30, 2014 and I'll be off for the rest of the day and - (outside of this blog) tomorrow also. That is, I won't be posting to Google Plus (if you catch me, call me on it) and I won't be working on my YouTube Channel or my website magazines.

It isn't the smartest thing to take a day off from a new job, however and this blog is my newest position. Therefore I am here, coffee cup and rosary in hand to tell you that after this post - I am officially off for the day and beginning my day. Outside of checking my bank balance, I hope not to be on the computer also. I'll post to It's In The Blog" again tomorrow, so I will be back here.

It has become my routine to say one of the (four) decades of the rosary, each day that I am able to. Today is the Sorrowful Mysteries: Agony in the garden; Scourging at the pillar; Crowning with thorns; Carrying of the cross; Crucifixion. The others are, the Luminous, the Joyful and the Glorious.

Why pray the daily Rosary?

Check this out:

*Pope Adrian VI said, "The rosary is the scourge of the devil."

Pope Paul V "The rosary is a treasure of graces."

St. Padre Pio, the stigmatic priest, said:

"The rosary is the weapon."

The last is my favorite and one that I find has been very true in my life. Most true. Prayer is one powerful weapon; but I can see how the rosary is the real weapon, it changes your day if you say one; you will have a different day. You will have a peace-filled day. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't have experienced it for myself. Never.

The past two or three days I have found a new tool in working with the cancer that I have got. For me, it is never best to say that one is 'fighting' something that so many seem to 'battle' and lose. So, I work with my cancer. And, I believe that - with the tools I've got and, the 'weapon' I have put into place, (letting God do the 'fighting'), I've gotten a change in health status. The past three day, I believe - I've been turning my cancer over to God - one day at a time. And this is the third day. My pH is the best it has been - 6.8 this morning. This prayer thing never fails, when I remember to use it.

Prayer has gone 'out of fashion' I know. At least it looks that way from the outside. Our world sure looks as if it hasn't got a prayer, I'd say it, "hasn't gotten a prayer", not from enough people. When groups gather for the rosary, some of the intentions that are prayed for are; 'our world', 'our country' and 'our homes'. So, our world is getting some prayers. If a few more people jumped on this bandwagon, it sure might make a difference. I'd like the help if you'd like to join in. Doesn't have to be a rosary. Just a cry out to a power greater than one's-self. Your own conception of God, if you will. In case one wouldn't choose to believe in God. And it doesn't have to be my God.

Prayer has been working continuously working in my life for the past 25 years and seven months. I know the very date that I began some very simple prayers; February 22, 1989. That was the first day that I got on my knees to ask a Power Greater Than Myself, for some help. I used the word God. Kept it simple. Got what I needed for the day; and got on my knees at night by my bed and said, "Thank you". And went to sleep. That was the first day in years that I did not drink alcohol, and I've been doing that ever since.

This video below, is my story of addiction: addiction is like, 'the story of my life', if I like it - I want more of it. By the way, my hair is cut - very short in this video; so, excuse that. I'm a cosmetologist and I usually cut my own hair (did my bangs too short). Bangs are not my strong suit. ~~~Nancy

What I got from that one, very simple prayer (each day for twenty-five years), was that I've been sober; one day at a time, from alcohol and any mind-altering drugs. One day at a time. I had drank, every day (toward the end, the last years) I drank every day, for something like 15 years. From when I was 18 years old, right out of high school, weekends, ... Wednesdays ... and soon, most days... to the age of 32 years, just two weeks short of 32 years old. You can do the math. If this isn't a miracle working in my life, I don't know what is. You see, I couldn't stop, on my own. No matter how I tried. And believe me; I am persistent, I tried. For a long time; and, it only got worse and worse. So, prayer is what works for me; and I'll keep it up. And, I'm choosing to expand on it. Using it for being cancer-free, one day at a time. Listing for direction of the tools to use, to be cancer free; but only for a day at a time. It's in it's third day (of prayer for cancer help) and like I said; my pH is better than it has been in a long time. I ate a sweet last evening (pumpkin bread at a Starbucks) but for the two days before that, I was able to say no to doughnuts. That is a change for me. I don't have the ability to say no to sweets without the 'aid of' my Higher Power (H.P.). I'm a food addict too. And sweets, well, they are my thing. With a H.P. I can do sweets at a minimum. But, for cancer - I'm choosing to lean a bit more into my H.P. for help. Into God.

So, goodbye for now; I will be back at this blog (my only work tomorrow.) And then hopefully, off for the rest of tomorrow for my two day vacation. Chow! ~~~Nancy

* Why Pray The Daily Rosary?" p.41 taken from: "The Original PIETA PRAYER BOOK". Estab. Aug 15, 1972, P.O. Box 111, Hickory Corners MI 49060-0111 sss.mlof.com

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