Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Webmaster | Creating New 'Working Hours' ~~~Nancy Gurish

Good Morning my friends!
It is approximately 4:15 a.m. Green tea (Taso - very good tea) kept me semi- awake throughout the night. Have trouble sleeping now and then - a lot of times more, now than then. As a web master (I feel I may qualify for the title at this time) I am seeing that we are the pioneers of this business. With that said, we each are learning to navigate our place in the internet; and navigate our lives, personal lives; depending on our individual circumstances, in order to accommodate the varied work load that is 'life and working on the internet'. This workload I am speaking of is; our business, search engine optimisation, marketing; learning and growing in the industry. At least for me, these are some of the responsibilities that I am finding myself entrenched in.

This opens up the reason for my writing today. I am having difficulty finding my place with 'office hours' for many reasons. They are common reasons, yet unique to me. Wife, mother, new in the industry. Daughter to elderly parents; sibling to a handful. And, I am involved in an industry that is not yet known as mainstream; even though I have many 'fellow workers' who are in the mainstream of this industry. But in practical life environments, business on the internet for a private individual is not yet mainstream.

What is also unique to me is that I am in my, possibly third career in life. And have never been in business for myself. The trust level is not there, among my family members as my past endeavours - working for others (without benefit of a degree) has not earned enough money to support myself fully. As a wife and mother; I have not earned enough to 'qualify working full time', as in - put the kids in daycare; and be a full income-producing partner in a marriage. So, there has always been an 'on the edge' feeling and aspect to our financial lives as a family. So, all of this so far equals what?

What I see is that mainstream hours, 9-5 or 7-3 working hours cannot cut it for me. My child still needs me: we home school and I am the main parent in that department. And my husband is a hard working man; in a position where he could really use a wife; in some of the traditional roles; cleaning, cooking (a very small amount of the time, quite small in that); but, at the least, I am the take-out, pick up person in the house. Purchasing the food. Laundry. Cleaning is at a minimum because of the heavy work load of internet business. So, where is there time for my office hours.

What has been sustaining and has built my business so far, has been squirrelling away time; running around with my laptop from place to place. Carrying the laptop, etc. in what is now, a worn-out cart on wheels. The thing is a very sad looking luggage-type cart from the dollar store. Previously I lugged everything in an over the shoulder bag that looked like a jean style laptop shoulder bag. Oh, that hurt.

In the last maybe 5 or 6 hours I got in enough sleep to be up and typing here. So, I believe that I see that there may be a need to innovate in this area - 'we' seem to be innovators of everything from desks to comfortable work chairs, etc. Now, I see that I must re-invent a work shift. Working hours which may give me real time to work. Just the past half hour has felt very good; it is early morning; so, it feels better than the very late night hours that I used to keep. And it feels better than just grabbing an hour or two during the day, while I double-duty other responsibilities. I am, these past few weeks, feeling like an actual employee of a business; and it is my business. The first in my life. It is feeling real. So. I believe that I am ready to invent a new wheel. Not reinvent a wheel, but create a new one. A new work shift of hours. One that fits a mom, wife... semi-time home maker. (I'm still in hopes of earning enough to actually hire some help for this house of ours).

For the next half hour, I will drink another cup of coffee (my second) and have a glass of water with epsom salt in it: this is a trick of 'my trade' - it regulates my heart; and gives me one mineral; which is a requisite for health - for anyone interested. And then I will sit and rough out a work schedule that may work. I already know that someone or thing will need to shift to a further back burner; I believe it will be the evening hours with the family. In the back of my mind I believe off hand that I'll be sleeping during the dinner hour.

One reason for sharing this is; it is going to take an acceptance of allowing something so radical to take place for me and my family. Our family has taken a lot of hits with my business; and - being a good family, loving and prayerful, we have been able to withstand it. I've got a good husband and child. So, we will do it. Of course, I'll confer with them; I'm learning to work with others better. It used to be that I'd just state 'I've gotta do this, or I've gotta work more'! Now, I'm getting strategic. Strategies seem to be something that is called for in our business. And, I am feeling up to the task.

It is a good life, if you don't weaken.

God Bless you all along your journey. Maybe sharing a bit of my discoveries will help someone. ~~~Nancy
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