Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Give It A Day And Things Change! Darkest Before The Dawn! ~~~Nancy

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Give It A Day | Things Are Brighter In The Morning! | I Promise! ~~~Nancy

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Thank you! ~~~Nancy

Well, the old adage "sleep on it" is certainly true. Things are a bit, no - a lot brighter today.

My life is better today than it was yesterday. Things always change, when you just give it a day. Sleeping on it is very important as things always look more bleak in the evenings. Things are darkest before the dawn. Old sayings were said for a reason!

The happenings in my life are categorized as either, 'pre-sobriety' or 'post-sobriety', and in my drinking years, (I am a recovering alcoholic); in my drinking years - before 25 years ago; I never knew how much I cared for classical music. I've got Dvorak on the radio beside me right now; I love Dvorak's music. I love classical music; and never knew. Only since creating YouTube Videos have I really come to feel my love for classical music. Some of my videos are galleries of images that I have, collected - and put into motion, and set to music.

You Tube provides some 'royalty free' music for video creators. Some selections are of the classics; and some are current artists. Some of my favourites are: The Jingle Punks; Topher, Mahr and Alex Elena; Silent Partner; Huma-Huma. These are some screwy names; but there music is phenomenal. I love the music they offer and I have used many selections. If you listen to the video above; you will hear some of the music that I have used.

Oh... man! I just put my headphones on and - I just love this music; I'm looking to see who's music this is.

Music: "Mother's Son" - Topher, Mahr and Alex Elena

This video contains images from The Sorrowful Mother Shrine... oh it is pretty there!

This music is titled "Mother's Son" - (which is perfect for this video). These are images of the Blessed Mother Mary shrine; - get it, 'mother's son' - Jesus and Mary. How very cool that turned out; and I only picked it for the music; the title was coincidental. It is by musicians named Topher, Mahr and Alex Elena. I think I left out their full names in the video. Woops! It was one of my first gallery - image videos. The music is beautiful!

So, from one of my bleakest-feeling days - to a pretty good day was only about an 8 hour difference. So, whatever is going on in your life; just give it one more day. Give it to this evening when you put your head on the pillow; and let everything go - at that point. All you have to do - is the day. And your done. You are a success. Tomorrow morning - I promise - things will look better.

Bye for now! ~~~Nancy

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