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I'm Not A Saint | But There Sure Is Spiritual Illness In This World! ~~~Nancy

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Oh, I certainly am not a saint! But there sure is spiritual illness in this world! Most of the time I speak about 'illness in America' -- in the world, physical illness - but today I'm thinking of the spiritual ills of ...  ... continued below ...

Spiritual Illness In Our World

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I'm Not A Saint! | But --- There Sure Is Spiritual Illness In This World!

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Hi! This post needs to be 'prefaced' with: I am not a saint, by any means! but there sure is spiritual illness in this world! Most of the time I am speaking of physical illness in our world. That was most on my mind when I began my web magazine Your Health And Tech Friend back in October of 2010. Today, because of my work on the internet, I'm more educated of what is ailing our world.

Since I have been working on the internet I've had occasion to see what is happening in other places: happening in places outside of my little neck of the woods. I have seen some really wild things. Now, in my life I've been very spiritually sick; I speak freely of just one of my spiritual illnesses - my alcoholism. That is, in my thinking - a form of great spiritual illness. And, through spirituality I've been coming out of that alcoholic fog, one day at a time. (I feel that my spiritual lack preceded the alcohol.) But I'm sure not that healthy in other aspects of my life, I work on it through increasing my awareness and getting closer to God, in my life. That is how I handle it. As for our world? I do pray for people every day. What have I seen that makes me think of this today? Oh my!

One night while searching on YouTube to find out how to use an hypodermic needle - (to administer vitamin C, if I chose to do that), vitamin C will cure anything, by the way. Do you know what I found on YouTube? Young boys shooting themselves up with hormone injections in order to initiate their sex changes. Kids - maybe 14 years old giving themselves shots in the leg (thigh) behind their closed bathroom doors. What I can imagine is that they live in homes of decent economic security, with parents in the next rooms who have no idea of what their sons are doing. It is my feeling that homes with money, people of higher economic situations have children who have both the time and the means to do this type of thing. And quite possibly the spiritual lack that would bring them to this type of activity.

This is my video: Are We Living In A World Where People Believe We Can Live Without God? ~~~Nancy

Is the increase in sickness and disease related to the decrease in spirituality?

Making money - I'm all for it, in fact I'm working hard to make more of it! There isn't anything wrong with making large amounts of money, but what I've heard lately - from the great word is, we need to know what to do with money. Money can be a wonderful asset or it can be the root of all evil. Just needing to work outside of the home when there are children in the home that need attention, and no one is present to raise them - that is only one thing that has gone wrong in the United States. And no doubt it is happening in other countries. Just as physical illness is growing in other countries - as they become more westernised, no doubt spiritual illness is growing as well. But it isn't just people who need to work, it is people who have a desire to work outside of the home - not for the money.

Other things I've seen on the internet... sexual abuses of so many kinds. One of the things that hurts very badly to see is human trafficking and sex trade trafficking. Man that is a tough one to swallow. And modernized pornographic industries (in the state of California) for one; I've seen how sex taping is an industry, made pristine looking - celebrities making sex tapes. It gives them lots of cash and celebrity. Recently, I was watching videos of a certain personality who I like*, that person walked into a building that caters to sex taping, (it's an acceptable industry). The walls were so

white, everything was painted white - and clean looking

. There wasn't a piece of extra furniture in the reception area; only a reception desk with an individual to greet people. It was set up to look absolutely clean and pure.

The person I was there to see was a comedian - she was in this facility as part of a spoof on

what she would want

, in the way of making a taping of this nature; she wasn't the typical candidate. She was quite an older person - not the norm to request these services, I watched the video far enough to watch this woman interview two of the actors used in this industry. I left that video feeling as if I'd seen pornagraphy, and in fact, I had. Not something I do any more; not to say that I have not, in my time. And I am constantly realizing that everyone is not at the same place in life either. I grow up - and I feel that the world should not be this type of place.

This blog post did not start out to be a tell all of myself - and I didn't begin with the intention of getting in to a rant on pornography, but that is where I went and, as I so rightly began with

I am not a saint.

And might I say, many of the saints began as persons of seedy or poor character so, there is hope for me yet, huh? I've come a long way and it is strictly because of spiritual healing. Now back to my main point, there is spiritual illness in our world and it is growing and not going to go away. Our world needs prayer and I suppose it should start with me. Amen! ~~~Nancy P.S. I don't think that I'll be a saint - by the way. Don't know if I would want to try!

* [It was Joan Rivers... she was there to see about making a sex tape!]

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