Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Hello All!

My dog Pearl had a basal cell tumor on her skin at a place on her head just behind one of her ears. We first spotted this tumor growing a few years ago. My best thinking is that it was four years ago. I searched online of course, and it matched a picture of a basal cell tumor.

Below is the tumor in it's 'full glory'

Please note: I have much more pictures that I will post to a web page one day at Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine! When I do, I will let you know! ~~~Nancy

Well, here is Pearl! Look below to see her video - Her 'Morning Walk'! ~~~Nancy

We have had the product called Miracle Mineral Solution in our home for at least the past four years. Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is what I used for this tumor the first time it came up. The tumor shrank in maybe seven days or less. How I handled it at that time was by mixing a very strong solution of MMS, i.e. about 12 drops. I dipped a 'wadded up' paper towelling into the solution and just pressed it against the lump, I only held it against the tumor for several minutes at a time and then repeated this process several times per day for a few days. I cannot think back to tell you exactly how many days. It was in a short amount of time however, that the tumor began to shrink. It just shrunk up and finally became very small.

Looking to articles online I found that basal cell tumors are common for a dog to get. Also I found that they can return. In approximately two years the tumor grew back. During this time I had purchased a new product for skin cancer; for my own skin cancer. I found something called Black Salve. I first purchased this salve from a friend of a friend. The next time that I bought it I found an online source who sold it under the name of "Indian Herb". Both times that I bought it, the salve was made of a combination of herbs but the main ingredients are zinc chloride and DMSO.


The zinc chloride and herbs do the work, the DMSO gets the product into the skin to get to the root of any cancer tumor. So when this tumor returned to my dog's scalp I used black salve to do the job. And it did. This second occurrence was only about six months ago, I only recall applying the salve one time. I believe the tumor is gone. The next time I think of it I'll check it. If there is anything to note, I will come back to this blog post and update this page. But, Pear - my dog, is fine. She has starred in a few of my YouTube videos! I call her a media darling. She is a very pretty dog and I say that because so many people have told me that! We frequently go for a morning walk - I will post that video on this page.

Please note: I only took the tumor down - so far, to an acceptable place. It was surface height; and almost completely deflated. I left it at that - the first time; and it cause my Pearl no difficulty. The next time I took it out with black salve - I am satisfied with the results, if I can get a newer picture I will do that and place it here! ~~~Nancy

Well, bye for now! ~~~Nancy

Pearl's Morning Walk - 'Run'??? She's got energy! ~~~Nancy

Remember! This is not medical or veterinary advice! If you or your dog or pet has a medical condition, I recommend you see a medical doctor or veterinarian! Pearl recommends that too!

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