Friday, December 12, 2014

I've Got A Cold! And - Can't Work! DMSO and MMS to the Rescue! ~~~Nancy

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Off Work And Sick | And I'm The Boss! ~~~Nancy Gurish

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My DMSO Video is at the bottom of this page. As soon as I thought of it, I took some drops of Miracle Mineral Solution - with a few drops of DMSO in it, and - my sore throat is better! DMSO is an anti-inflammatory! Why didn't I think of that sooner? Home remedies take time and experience to think of them as the first 'go to' medicine! ~~~Nancy

I've been too sick to work as usual. It's a cold that won't go away - and my throat really hurts. And, I'm the boss. Now I know how


felt - the bosses I have worked for. You need the work done - you want the work done, and the employee calls in sick!

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Thank you! ~~~Nancy

One day off of work and sick is okay, you can even sort of enjoy the down-time a bit (a wee-bit) only, because you are sick. It's a cold! I actually allowed a cold to come in - I am, for anyone who doesn't know - Your Health And Tech Friend, ~~~Nancy Koncilja Gurish! I don't get sick! I don't get a cold! Since 2006 - this is my second cold! Three years ago I had one - I was very sick that time too! Why I even made a web page about it and called it Yikes! I've Got A Cold! And now it's happened again! This is December 2014.

The reason that I don't


colds is that I've been using colloidal silver since 2006. The only times I've had any trouble at all with my health were on the occassions where I would take too little colloidal silver. I'd get too busy and run out; or just take too little and bam, my arthritis comes back; or bam a cold sore would start to develop. And, now - the sore throat from He-'double hockey sticks' comes to me! I've actually just taken a Naproxen - a pain pill! I've got two bottles up in the cupboard, old ones - because we haven't had the need for them in my house. We use natural medicine; God's medicine. So, I've got two bottles of Naproxen. I'm a 'whimp' when it comes to pain! Also, I'm sipping some very hot tea, chamomile tea. In my cupboard also - there are two full bottles of Liquid Angstrom-Sized Sulfur - which is for pain! The reason I'm not taking that is very personal to me - not personal, but it is a matter of honor. I haven't sent the money yet, to the vendor from which I purchase my minerals: it is a source of honor for me - I do not want to open those bottles until the money is sent. My banks got switched around and my check to this vendor is going to be late by about three days; so, I'm not opening those bottles. And, that - my friends, is another story. But, it is my story, and I'm sticking to it. Usually - around my house, it is sulfur for pain. Tonight - it's Naproxen.

The reason for this blog post was to be that I have had to take off of work for this darned cold. I drifted off topic for a moment. I've been off of (not totally off of work) but - I haven't been as actively working as I usually do, for about 3 or 4 days. Don't know exactly right now; but, it isn't fun at all anymore - if it even was fun! I want to be fully back to work and I want that to be NOW! But it won't be - Now! It will have to be tomorrow - or possibly the next day.

This cold is also the reason that I've not been here at my blog. I've been able to do a few things for my work - but I really felt crummy! Today - I'm physically more energetic but the throat is still bad. I suppose that is congestion in the nasal area - and there is still a nagging, persistent cough. So, I prescribe, hot tea (for one thing). The naproxen (for another). And, time. When I send in the payment for that sulfur, I'll take that if I still need it. I'm using colloidal silver - and of course, MMS, which has gotten me through the worst of this. This afternoon I added in three drops of DMOS into my MMS and that helped. Oh, (light bulb went on) --- it helped the sore throat too! I'm gonna take that! Why didn't I think of that before the Naproxen! It would have worked - and it would have worked better! Darn it! Old habits die hard! Bye for now! I'm off to fix me an MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)! With about three drops of DMSO! ~~~Nancy P.S. I just looked at the title of my video - in the description it says that DMSO is also an anti-inflammatory! Thats why it worked for the pain! Duh! That is why it works for pain! It takes time to adjust to using 'home remedies' - time and experience!

Well, I took the MMMS (5 drops activated) with 3 drops of DMSO in it and - the throat is getting better! Why didn't I think of that before the Naproxen!? It'll get easier. Practicing home self-medical care takes time! I'll get it right a little bit at a time! ~~~Nancy

Feeling almost good enough to go to sleep- goodnight Blogger friends! I'll let you know how it goes! ~~~Nancy


"...I have in fact made my choice. I am currently working on the choice that I believe I have made. I'm at my keyboard and this is the work I feel I am directed to. It is the work that I like the best: so, does that make it a wrong choice? There are a few articles which are posted on this website that suggest doing what 'feels right'.  In my life, what felt right hasn't always been the best thing... or am I confusing that with what 'feels good?' Maybe. But I believe that if your whole heart is in something... if something comes easy... if something doesn't feel like work; and if you are willing to put forth the effort, willing to go the distance; and, if you have the opportunity, then well, those may be the operative ideas/words/actions, that help to make a decision. Then, as I said, I use prayer. So, the second half of prayer is listening... waiting... having patience. Giving time, time. Meaning let the work begin. And rest and let the results ..."  to read more...