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Losing A Pet Strengthens The Family Bonds ~~~Nancy

Death of a Beloved Pet Tightens the Family Bonds

" ... as a family - we will be closer for having her in our lives and for having to let her go. Our bonds are much tighter ... " ... see this below ...

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The death of our family pet brings our family closer together ... tightens family bonds.  ... read more below ...

sara gurishs picture
Picture of our beautiful ~~~Sara P. Gurish
The P. stood for 'Pee' - She started out in life - peeing all over the floor! She stopped that, but kept the middle initial!

Everyone who has a pet knows that they are not just 'pets' - our charges become family members. My Sara (a.k.a.) Pearl (her YouTube name) - passed away yesterday. Her bowl is still in it's place by my order (I'm the mom). I said,"No one touches her bowl until I say so." It still has her water in it. We had to 'put Sara down' yesterday - that is what we call it in the U.S. when the doctor has to give your canine or feline a shot to put them to sleep, euthanasia is what it is. It absolutely

sucks. It is one of the more harsh realities of our lives. This is something 'we' have to do in order to be responsible parents of these little animals. I saw it that way: we had to see her from her beginning (which was the Animal Protective League) to the end...). This was part of what we signed on for, when we found her and took her home in 2002. This is March of 2015 - August 14 would have been Sara's 13th birthday. She had too many things wrong - and I had not enough time / ability - to tend to her difficulties. We had an older parent living in our home since this past October, and people have to come before our beloved pets. Sara's care went to the bottom of the totem pole with what was going on in our home. And, her physical health declined. I couldn't bring her for her morning walks - the winter - this harsh winter

The photo below is a view from our window: I'm sorry that it is sideways! ~~~Nancy

harsh cleveland ohio snow storm

also took a very hard toll on her and, on everyone in our home; heck, in the city and all the places that had such a harsh winter. It's just breaking up this week.

This is Pearl's (~~~Sara's) Singing Debut. She was a Media Darlin!

We lost another pet - Nikki - our beautiful Chow-Chow in May of 2011 I believe. From then on (we had Clyde too; who expired in about 2010). After Nikki - Sara was an 'only dog'.

This is a picture of our Nikki Belle with snow on her nose! She loved to dig her nose into the snow! ~~~Nancy

nikki gurishs picture

What comes about / came about, in our home from these experiences was that we have become, are becoming a closer family because of this. My husband left for work about a half hour ago - he asked me how I was, and we hugged each other .. I want to give you the idea of what goes on in the family. The three of us went with our Sara: we went as a family - as we did with our Nikki Belle, in May. We went together yesterday to have Sara come to the end of her life here on earth. We do well as a family. The three of us stood strong and tall for Sara; as we had with Nikki. Each of the veterinarians had to tell us - 'not to cry', each of them told us the importance of allowing for a peaceful passing; that your loved one, will sense if you are suffering and they will be uncomfortable. And that moment is all about them. I held Sara's head in my arms (I had cradled her head - like an infant - in life; and I held her head like that for her death). She was my little baby - especially after Nikki left.

This picture is from yesterday - while Sara was still at home ...

nancy gurish kissing sara gurishs head

and I held her head like that for her death). She was my little baby - especially after Nikki left.



always thought that she was only as big as her head

. She never thought of, or knew - how large she was. She was a perpetual puppy - in my eyes and, I believed - in her eyes. She bounded like a puppy, up and down the back outside stairs - she ran up the inside stairs too: until just this past October. So, she was my little kid.. But, as a family - we will be closer for having her in our lives and for having to let her go. Our bonds are much tighter as a family.

[At the bottom - this page: You can see ~~~Sara's morning walk, she was so strong and healthy. That video was made in just August 2014.]

Our family has now loved three non-human charges, loving family members: Nikki, Clyde and Sara. Clyde was a feline (our grey cat). Clyde and I didn't necessarily see eye to eye; we had a different sort of relationship. He was very unique - he didn't die at home; he was put into the care of a friend, for the last half year of his life. Clyde went to live with a family friend who lived in the country. Clyde was fiercely independent, and needed his space and the ability to run. So we let him with our friend Bob. Bob took Clyde into his small cabin in the woods in Orwell, Ohio.

Nikki lived a long life for a Chow-chow. She didn't have hip dysplasia (which Chow-chows are known for), but she eventually had to leave this world - because of her hip. She could no longer get up; on her own steam. The vet could not put Nikki to sleep - she refused to go. He said that he never saw anything like that; her heart refused to stop. Nikki was a presence in our neighborhood; a cinnamon-colored Chow-chow - she looked fierce, and she guarded our home, our lives and our property for her entire life - and she didn't want to go. I told her that she could go... it took the vet several shots - directly into her heart to get her to go. We have been so blessed with our loving animals. They have been such good and loyal family members. And our family is better because of them. It is so painful - but the joys have far outweighed the pain.
There is a prayer for pets - and a Saint too: Saint Roach who's Feast Day is August 16 "...While ministering to the needs of the sick, Saint Roch became infected himself. It was his nature not to burden others and he stayed in a hovel. While he lay dying, a dog from a nearby villa found Saint Roch and brought a fresh roll from his master's house each day. The dog's owner noticed this strange behavior and ..." (... to this page ...)

This is a video from August 2014 of 'Pearl's Morning Run'. She was so strong and vital! And very beautiful, huh? Our Sara.... She started out as a little 'pound puppy' from the Cleveland Animal Protective League on Wiley Road. Sara's official birthday was August 14, 2002.

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After the injection from the vet, Sara's eyes closed... she went so peacefully. She didn't have to be afraid of falling any longer - her vision was bad and her hearing. Her legs got beaten up - on a wheelchair ramp that we had installed in November. She started to take falls off of that ramp - she just got too injured. She wasn't in pain now... she didn't have to worry about not being able to stand. Her legs shook when she stood, on the last day. She seemed to know it was time. She lost the gleam in her eyes; they were darkened. She wouldn't eat - wouldn't drink water, and she didn't get up - except to go outside. She, still went outside. Wincing with pain - she stood up to go outside. She was a wonderful 'little girl' to me. She was a beautiful dog; and a very happy forever young soul.

Goodnight little Sara... Mommy loves you. ~~~Nancy xo (a.k.a. ~~~Sara's mom).

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