Thursday, June 11, 2015

Writing First Thing In The A.M. | Before Prayer Is Dangerous! ~~~Nancy

~~~Nancy Koncilja Gurish

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Oh my!

Writing to the 'world' with just one sip of coffee under my belt. This has always been a dangerous proposition with me.
 ... 5 sips ... 
Okay, better. First thing upon awakening I have a lot of ideas of things to speak about in videos; or to write about on a blog post or web page, but most of the time I get to my prayers first. I've said the 'important' prayers, I pray on my knees and ask God's help for certain things each morning without fail. And, then I follow this up with prayer, in my comfortable chair with my rosary and my rosary meditations book. In that way I educate myself. Learning and wisdom comes from prayer. I've experienced this, answers to prayer, and help from God for many things, for many years. However only recently have I seen it written that prayer is for answers. Prayer is for many things, no doubt, but I tend to get answers from my prayers.

Writing in the morning has been dangerous,

just as talking to someone on the phone, first thing - before prayer, is a dangerous thing. Lord knows pun intended, what will come out of my mouth before a good, sitting with God time. There had been at least two times that I've picked up the phone and actually called my councilman first thing in the morning, to complain about something, without talking with someone, or God, about it first. Those weren't fun times! So, why am I writing today, this morning, before prayers? I'll get to that in another blog post. For now, for this morning, this is what I needed to do. I needed to sit here with my laptop in lap, white sheet of paper before my eyes on the screen, and keys beneath my fingers. This was nice sharing coffee with you.

And to you I say, please have a good day. Try prayer if you haven't. It works. It really works. It changes lives.