Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Monday Night | Late Night! ~~~Nancy Gurish

Another Late Night Monday! ~~~Nancy

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Another Monday night! ~~~Nancy

It's a Monday night, in June (eastern time, United States), 11:02 p.m. and I'm sitting in my chair. My red upholstered 'official' Lazy Boy brand recliner chair. It's that old fashioned 'rough' material with a leaf pattern etched into the fabric. It's sort of an 'over-stuffed' style of chair. My laptop is on my lap, of course and I am typing on an open 'notepad plus plus' page. That is the name of this notepad program. The house is quiet as I am the only one awake. Outside of some city traffic noises, the only sound is the air conditioning coming out of the registers. It is time to wind down but I'm not, because I'm typing this page. This page is for my blog and I will probably post it tonight, which will take probably most of an hour, from writing to posting. Longer than I'd like to stay up. But that is my life at this time.

My blog has no specific theme, it is a blog that I write pages for in a very sporadic fashion. And I write about anything that comes to mind at any particular day. My name is ~~~Nancy Gurish. And I sign my name with '~~~' before it because one day after working in an on-line business for several years, I believe it was after my YouTube Channel had begun, I signed my name and thought "how will anyone know it's always me when they see my name? So the 'tildes', i.e. (~~~) just came to me as a signature style, and I've used it ever since. I've got another part of a story on that 'signature' thing that I will write about some day.

In an on-line business with a blog, the 'blogger' can use analytics in order to see who their audience is; i.e, who you are. However at this time in my business, in my work; although I could figure out who my audience is, I don't have the opportunity to look into that very much at all. There are so many details and jobs to do when working in a business on-line. A person, like me, who works alone needs to pick and choose which 'hat' to wear at any one time. Analytics, although very important may be something I will pick up down the road. Until then, I don't know who you are, or even if you are there, in fact? At one point I saw the numbers for how many visits to my blog, but I've not gotten back to that area of statistical input. So, in fact, I don't really know if anyone is reading my blog. It's not a consistent posting thought, so nobody can rely on any sort of regularity. And, no one has posted a comment. One day it will be fun to see a comment.

Goodnight for now! ~~~Nancy

I don't really care for the word 'blog', I would have preferred another name for this media. It reminds me of a word like, 'burp', or ... I suppose it's just late and I should get to sleep. Goodnight!

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