Monday, November 2, 2015

What Are "Miscellaneous Monday's" On ~~~Nancy Gurish's YouTube Channel?

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Hi everyone~

Well it's another fine Monday Morning! ~Cough, cough, cough~~~ Is there such a thing?
Not long ago I initiated another Playlist on my YouTube channel, and titled it: "Miscellaneous Monday". Hereafter referred to as M.M.

This playlist will serve two purposes, 1) it gives me another reason to post a video, a commitment to post and 2) it provides a platform for me to post another video!

M.M. videos will be on absolutely ANY topic that comes up.

Sunday Supplement is another playlist of mine that serves exactly the same purpose as Miscellaneous Monday!

A playlist that I've got, titled: "Fun Friday Night Videos" is a horse of another color.

Fun Friday Night Videos is for what it says - Fun Friday Night Videos!

In order to understand what Fun Friday


you just have to check it out!

If no one else has fun on my Fun Friday Videos - at least I have fun!

This playlist is called

Fun And Etc.! [In this video I'm getting makeup done at a Makeup counter! And trying on hats!]
~~~Nancy P.S. Not to be confused with Fun Fridays!

It's like the adage - "Try and please everyone and no one is pleased, try and please yourself and

at least you are pleased. So...

On Fun Friday days - I tell jokes until I have a good - really good laugh!

If there is a goal with my Fun Friday's it is that I tell jokes until there is something really funny to laugh about!

That seems like a pretty good goal to me!

I hope you laugh really good one time too!


Miscellaneous Mondays! ~~~Nancy