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4 Mistakes Food Grade Peroxide Use Storage Practices Safety Cautions Hea...

4 Mistakes Made Using Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Use and storage tips and situations to avoid when handling, storing this substance. 35% peroxide is very, very potent stuff! Needs care and safety in handling it!

I've got four main mistakes that I have made when using food grade hydrogen peroxide. I can share these with you so that you may not have to make the same mistakes as me!!!

Mistake #1 Leaving the product in it's sealed plastic package - when it comes in the mail! Remedy? Remove the bottles from their plastic packages! Hydrogen peroxide will seep out and destroy the 'stopper' or 'dropper' that is on the container!

Mistake #2 Leaving the product in plastic bottles! - Remedy? Transfer the peroxide into glass bottles. Leaving the cap loose, rather than tightening it! This allows for oxygen to seep out.

Mistake #3 Not labelling the bottle, -  if the liquid is kept in a container other than the one that it is shipped in. Remedy: Label all products that are not stored in their original package!

Mistake #4 Underestimating it's strength. - 35% food grade peroxide is very powerful stuff! Potent - whether it is used topically or internally!

There are some tips I have to share as well! You can wear gloves when you handle the bottles and packages. H202 will burn your skin. Don't discard any unusued h202 where it will harm animals or people!

~~~Nany Gurish

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