Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Using, Storage, Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth, Detox And Clean Up Para...

Learning how to use these products that

help us with our health is a lifelong job!

I've been using Diatomaceous Earth for

a few years - it is a very good and responsible



Toxins Do Cause Cancer!


Pesticides In Foods The New Smoking! Toxins Sickness

Some foods do contain a lot of pesticides and
household products can cause cancers!
Take them seriously!
Toxins Do Cause Cancer!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Article 13 Is Threatening The Internet #SaveTheInternet

It's not about copyright; it's about control of a
Socialist country over it's people
Their people have learned a lot from out 
freedom and the language and actions
of our 'free' people!
They are exercising the 'arm' of socialism!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Politics And Scary Things!

What is happening in our world, in our
country is frightening.
Education is the best place to start with
any 'bad situation'!
This world is in a bad situation!

~~~Nancy Gurish 
Your Health And Tech Friend 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Copper DysRegulation ~ Which Illnesses? How To Regulate? Vitamin C And D...

Learn about Copper dysregulation Buttercups!
Copper is one important mineral!
Cyanide & B-17!

Persevere Through Hard Times Encouragement!

This is what I have Buttercups; 
Perseverance! When everything around you
tells you to quit, and you keep going. That
is the story of success!
Cyanide & B-17!

Cyanide B-17 Cancer Cells Amygdalin

Hey there Buttercups and others!
B-17 is the vitamin that is in an
Apricot Kernel. It has a 
fascinating story behind it!
Cyanide & B-17!